Hot Mic: Ref Tells Brendan Gallagher 'Go F*ck Yourself!'

hockey nhl brendan gallagher

Dean Morton, a NHL ref, has been caught telling Montreal Canadiens' Brendan Gallagher to "go fuck yourself" for daring to argue against his terrible officiating during the Montreal Canadiens' overtime loss to the Dallas Stars.

This, without a shadow of a doubt, proves that there is bias among officials and that Morton, at the very least, has a problem with Gallagher. Dean Morton should not be allowed to officiate anymore games and the NHL should come out and publicly, hold their employees to a higher standard.

The NHL needs to wake up and deal with its officiating problem and its arbitrary use of player safety. These two elements are holding the game back and turning fans sour to the greatest sport on the planet.

As I wrote that last paragraph news just broke that the NHL has fined Claude Julien 10,000.00 USD for speaking out about Dean Morton's poor officiating of the game. Julien confronted Morton and he responded with 'take a hike'.

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