Matt Dumba Nails Ryan Reaves Right In The 'Jack Johnson'

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Ryan Reaves has been all over the Minnesota Wild tonight. He chased down Mikko Koivu, tried to fight Ryan Hartman and plastered Matt Dumba into the boards. But Dumba must have been the straw that broke the camel's back, because 30 seconds after Reaves drilled him, he gave him a baseball swing to the nuts.

Reaves is doing what he does best, setting up in player's kitchens and cracking skulls when they reach their breaking point. Dumba, though, had a very poor lapse in judgement and is, most likely, going to have a meeting with player safety after this.

If Dumba really felt that, that, was warranted then he should have just dropped the gloves and fought Reaves. Instead he looks like a Dumbass and now has a bad mark against him.

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