Yakov Trenin Buckles Zdeno Chara With Right Hook [Fight]

zdeno chara yakov trenin

In this corner we have Nashville's Yakov Trenin, 6' 2" 215lbs and in this corner we have "The Beast from the East" Boston's Zdeno Chara, 6' 9" 256lbs.... Let's Get Ready to Rumble!!!!

Usually when Chara fights it's a simple thing where he keeps his opponent at arms length throwing jabs, maybe a few big rights, and then the refs get in and break it up. This wasn't always the case and sometimes he still goes for the big bombs (recently against Tom Wilson), but this time Chara got surprised.

Yakov Trenin, an AHL call-up, bodied Charlie McAvoy behind the net like a mack truck, which upset Chara, and caused him to challenge Trenin. Trenin obliged and proceeded to dance with the big man. It was about 8 seconds in though that Chara probably realized that he had greatly underestimated Trenin.

Trenin connected with a beaut of a right hook catching Chara square on the chin and buckling his knees. The crowd was as stunned as Chara and the linesmen were quick to get in and put a stop to it.

Both Chara and Trenin deserve props for this one. Chara for still ringing that bell at age 42 and Trenin for doing what very few have done; buckling the Beast from the East.

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