3 Ways To Improve Women's Hockey For Mass Consumption

woman hockey player

Women's professional hockey has been without a stable home since the Canadian Women's Hockey League ceased operations in May because of funding issues, leaving the National Women's Hockey League as the only option in North America. Many CWHL players boycotted the NWHL in part because of the league's sudden salary cuts in 2016.

However, The NHL is hoping to shine a light on these talented women by giving them exposure through the NHL All-Star Games and featuring them throughout the regular season. But is that really enough to grow the sport?

Here are three ways the women's hockey league can improve viewership and grow at a meteoric rate.

1. Slim down the goalie equipment to allow more goal scoring. The biggest complaint by fans of all hockey leagues is the low scoring, by slimming down the goalie's gear to the bare minimum we should see scoring shoot through the roof.

woman hockey goalie

2. Give the league and seasons a meaning. Create a Stanley Cup-like trophy for the teams to compete for, could even bee a smaller version of the actual cup.   

woman hockey team

3. Make the uniforms custom made for a woman. Have special uniforms designed that is fit for a woman, not some baggy jersey that was meant for a man. Also make each team mirror that of an NHL team.

women hockey jersey

That's it. That is how you grow the current NWHL from the current 5 teams to a league of 30 or more. With these minor changes I'm sure demand and viewership for this product will increase tenfold.

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