Crosby Delivers Nasty Self Pass For Simon Goal [Highlights]

sidney crosby penguins

Sidney Crosby lead the charge against the Minnesota Wild with a goal and three assists in his first game back from abdominal surgery Tuesday night.

Crosby needed less than eight minutes to pick up his first point since before Halloween, assisting on Evgeni Malkin’s first goal of the night at 7:57 in the period. But that is peanuts compared to the tricks he pulled in the third.

At 11:40 in the third Crosby was being hounded by Wild's Ryan Donato as he skated behind the net in the offensive zone. Crosby seeing this decided to do a backhanded pass off the cage, pivot 180 degrees and catch it on his forehand. All-the-while Donato skated the opposite way not knowing what happened. As Crosby came off the goalie's glove side he threaded a pass through two Wild players and on the tape of Dominik Simon for a wide open net.


There was one more goal scored after that by Galchenyuk and the Pittsburgh Penguins walked away with a 7-3 win over the Minnesota Wild.

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