Net Worth: Ted Lindsay and NHLPA Docudrama [Review]

ted lindsay net worth

Net Worth follows Ted Lindsay, an all-star for the Detroit Red Wings, in his quest to create a Player's Association to protect the rights of players against the ravages of monopolistic, profit taking owners. Lindsay, spurred on by the memory of a former teammate who died broke because he couldn't access his pension, mobilizes players from around the league to his cause.

In this larger-than-life David vs. Goliath conflict, Lindsay takes on the powerbrokers of the NHL – Jack Adams, Detroit Red Wings General Manager Conn Smythe, Maple Leafs’ owner, Clarence Campbell, league president and Jimmy Norris, owner of the Chicago Blackhawks and the man who controlled the league – forever changing the face of Canada’s national sport.

The movie goes beyond the game, into the seamier side of sports. The backroom deals and exploitation of the early NHL and those players that were brave enough (and smart enough) to change the game. This movie also explains why some of those men in the Hockey Hall of Fame did more to be in the HOF than just play hockey.

Net Worth was a made for TV movie for the CBC in Canada back in 1995. the film, though based on true events, is adapted from the book of the same name, written by David Cruise.

Rating 8.5/10 Pucks

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