Matthew Tkachuk Panders To Crowd, Wears Yadier Molina Jersey [Video]

matthew tkachuk yadier molina nhl hockey allstar

Playing in your home town is no easy feat, especially when you are playing for the opposite team. Now make it an All-Star event, in your town, with your dad who is a hometown hero and Matthew Tkachuk knew he had to do something to win the crowd over quickly.

Though he was born in Arizona, Tkachuk grew up in St. Louis when his dad was traded to the Blues in 2001. His dad, Keith Tkachuk, is still very active in the St. Louis area coaching AAA peewee hockey and is an investor in a St. Louis sports talk radio station.

Tkachuk was riding a wave of negative press coming into the All-Star game when he hit Zack Kassian twice up high only to have Kassian beat the breaks off of him while he held on for dear life. So going into the event he knew he had to do something to shift focus and it seems that he succeeded.

While getting ready to take his shots in the Shooting Stars Challenge, Tkachuk removed his Flames jersey to reveal a St. Louis Cardinals jersey of Yadier Molina. The gesture was well received as he got a huge pop from the crowd and no one booed him during his shots.

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