Matt Murray Suffers The Dreaded Bouncy Goal [Video]

murray bouncing goal

It doesn't matter how old you are or how long you played the game, all goalies have one top fear and that is the Bouncy Goal. If you have ever played goal then you can attest to this; your worst fears is that someone will dump the puck in on you in such a manner that it bounces crazy, you can't track it and BOOM you just let in a goal that was softer than your sisters 9th birthday party.

Two Time Stanley Cup Winner Matt Murray just found himself in this very situation Friday night against the Colorado Avalanche.

Colorado Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog scored the bouncy goal with 1:40 left in the 2nd period. Landeskog skated cleanly through the neutral zone and just before the blue line gave the puck a soft flick sending it on its dreaded bouncy course. When the puck was about 5 feet in front of Murray it took a sharp right going well past his glove and nestled itself safely in the back of the net.

In that very second, when the puck bounces just in front of him, Murray knows he has just suffered a bouncy goal. He is more embarrassed than anything right at that moment, but then he realizes that it happens to everyone, accepts that it happened to him and then plays on.

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