Joe Thornton Saves Beard, Runs From Nazem Kadri [Not A Fight]

avalanche vs sharks thornton kadri

Way back there in 2018 when Nazem Kadri was playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs he had a small dust-up with Jumbo Joe Thornton. The results of that altercation were nil punches thrown and Thornton down a handful of beard hair. The trauma of that incident must still be with Jumbo Joe as he opted to skate away Thursday night rather than engage Kadri for another go-around.

During the third period of play, as the Sharks were trying to preserve their perfect goalless game, Kadri and Thornton began to have words in the Avs defensive zone. Thornton, probably, brought up the beard and Kadri, maybe, told Jumbo he'd do it again. Thornton must of thought about and said "oh no, not my beard" and promptly skated away to put some distance between Kadri and his beard.

Timo Meier and Stefan Noesen must have heard the threat of beard damage as they quickly jumped in to defend Thornton's precious facial mane.

The Avalanche cascaded to 4-0 victory over the San Jose Sharks, but the Sharks could hold their heads high because they preserved the integrity of Joe Thornton's beard. And at the end of the day that is what really matters.

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