Islanders and Rangers Have Tickle Fight To Start Game

rangers islanders tickle fight nhl

I have seen a lot of lame fights, but Monday's battle for New York has to take the cake. Rangers' Micheal Haley challenged Islanders' Ross Johnston to throw down and it looked like they were gonna slug it out, until they locked up and began tickling each other. Haley must love being tickled because he let Ross go at his ribs for a full minute before returning the favor.

Before play could resume Matt Martin and Brendan Smith decided they wanted to have a tickle fight too. So they did what all cuddle buddies do and locked up for a sweet session of tickling.  Smith being super confident in his tickling ability took Martin over to the bench to show of his skills and the Rangers jaws dropped. They couldn't believe what a great tickler Smith was, clearly they wanted in on that sweet tickle fight.

But I guess the NHL has rules about tickle fights because both Martin and Smith would receive five-minute majors and game misconducts. Turns out you are not allowed to tickle an opponent until the puck hits the ice.

This is the weakest shit I have ever seen. Please, somebody, anybody show these four ladies how to throw a punch. Hell, I'd have rather seen them wrestle to the ice than see whatever they want to call this. Jesus. Christ. If this is the future of fighting in the game then you can take it out with no objections from me.

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