Gritty Claims Penguins' Iceburgh Set Him Up

gritty iceburg fight

Philadelphia Flyers' Mascot, Gritty, is currently under investigation for punching a 13 year old boy in the back during a meet and greet at Wells Fargo Center.

Chris Greenwell took his son Brandon to meet the one and only Gritty on a crisp, cool night in November. The Flyers had invited Greenwell and his 13-year-old son to get a photo and some face time with the mascot as part of an exclusive event for season ticket-holders.

As Greenwell tells it, Brandon playfully patted the mascot on the head after the photo was taken. As Brandon walked away, Gritty got out of his chair, “took a running start," and “punched my son as hard as he could,".

But Gritty says that couldn't be further from the truth...

According to Gritty this entire fiasco is a scam perpetrated by none other than the Pittsburgh Penguins' mascot Iceburgh. He claims this is an act of retribution because of his "sick burns" towards the Penguins Mascot on Twitter. We reached out to Iceburgh about Gritty's claims and he responded with "no comment".

However when we looked into Gritty's past tweets we could find no "sick burns", as he put it, towards Iceberg. All that we could find were tweets from a desperate mascot trying to be relevant in a very irrelevant market. But one tweet did catch our attention; the assault of a young woman.

Be warned, this video features a heinous act towards a young female:

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