Evander Kane Plays Tag With Erik Gudbransson Face [Fight]

kane vs gudbransson fight

The Sharks had a rough one on their hands Monday night at SAP Center as they took on their divisional rivals The Mighty Ducks (I'll never not call them that). The tides could be turning for the Sharks who walked away with a hard-fought 4-2 win.

With 2:13 left in the 3rd period Evander Kane asked Erik Gudbransson to answer the bell, Gudbransson being no stranger to this song happily obliged. Things looked to be going Erik's way considering his size advantage, but then Kane started feeding him stiff left jabs to the mouth. The second jab was enough to send Erik's helmet flying and the rest that followed clearly stunned the giant, as he just stood there and took it.

Kane wins this one over Gudbransson via decision  8-4.

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