Brad Marchand Goes 'Conor McGregor' On Nikolaj Ehlers [Fight]

brad marchand fight nhl hockey

Brad Marchand is taking his Conor McGregor impersonation to a whole new level. During the 2nd period of the Boston Bruins vs Winnipeg Jets game Marchand took exception to a hit made by Ehlers.

Ehlers came through center ice and sandwiched Marchand between himself and Jack Roslovic. All three fell to the ice in a cluster. But when Ehlers got up he couldn't help but run his mouth to Marchand and that is win mini McGregor attacked.

Marchand feed Ehelers four straight puches to the mouth and probably would have given him more but the officials jumped in since the fight made it's way to the ice. 

Marchand had some choice words for Ehlers as they both skated to the box of shame. Not exactly sure what they were but you'll be able to read some of the more colorful ones in the video below.

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