Duncan Keith Says it's Toes, Scuffle Ensues [Video]

blackhawks toews keith fight

Jonathan Toews and Duncan Keith got into a wrestling match during the morning skate before the Chicago Blackhawks take on the Florida Pantherson Tuesday.

It is speculated that the altercation arose after Keith insisted that Jonathan's name was actually pronounced Toes (like the digits on your feet) and that he had proof that Toews, himself, pronounced it that way. Towes said okay show me, at which point Keith pulled up the 2018 episode of The Road To The Winter Classic.

See Duncan Keith's Proof Below:

At that point Toews snapped and proceeded to attack Duncan Keith. Luckily, the coaches were able to stop laughing long enough to break up the Iron Man Match.

There were no punches thrown, Toews pinned Keith on the ice with his jersey pulled over his head all while yelling " you're a toe, you're a toe"

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