Andrei Svechnikov, Brett Pesce vs Mark Scheifele [Fights]

pesce svechnikov scheifele

Svechnikov and Mark Scheifele kicked off the first tussle which ended with Svechnikov slamming the Winnipeg center on the ice and delivering one clean blown to the face. The refs quickly jumped in and both players got two minutes for roughing not five for fighting .

Shortly after Scheifele left the box, he cross-checked Brett Pesce in front of the Carolina net. Pesce took exception and slammed him to the ground for the his second fall of the night. Scheifele got back up and began throwing wild left/right combos, but it was all in vain. He fell backwards, his third fall of the night, and Pesce smashed him in the face while in the mounted position on the ice.

The Carolina Hurricanes 4 - The Winnipeg Jets 1.

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