Hot Mic: Alex Stalock to Corey Perry "You're Dirty as F**k!"

alex stalock corey perry

The Minnesota Wild buried the Dallas Stars Saturday Night 7-0, but in the 3rd period all hell broke loose when Corey Perry drove to the net hard and hit Wilds' goalie Alex Stalock in the head with his knee.

Perry was coming in hot and decided to stick out his right knee as to catch Stalock square in the side of the head. Instantly Stalock knew he had done it on purpose (confirmed later), dropped his mask and went after Perry. A small scrum ensued and Stalock didn't hold back " fuck you, you're dirty as fuck! Right to the fucking head!" he shouted.

The refs made sure Perry heard what Stalock had to say and they must of agreed with him because Perry received a double minor and 10 minutes misconduct.

This incident coupled with the Winter Classic head hit doesn't look too good. There is no way Perry doesn't have a meeting with player safety and he could be looking at another suspension.

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