2020 NHL All Star Jerseys Hit Sour Note

nhl all star jerseys

Adidas and the NHL unveiled the ADIZERO Authentic Pro uniforms for the 2020 All-Star Game on Saturday, Jan. 25 at Enterprise Center in St. Louis. This year's jerseys are meant to look like sheet music and the logo acts as the note.... Jeez.us.Christ.

They say it's "to pay homage to the original sweaters of the St. Louis Blues and to transform the city's acclaimed rhythm and blues history into a tangible form", but all it does is give the Blues a decent jersey and the other 30 teams a god-awful shitrag that only the homerest of the homers will clamor for.

But don't just take my word for it, look at what others have said when the NHL announced them as "straight fire":

  • The Blues is the only one that makes sense and coincidentally, the note is a F. Like the grade I give these jerseys. - omgrodnick
  • These look like something you would give a newborn - OOffenseman
  • Are they made from recycled ocean plastics again?  I'd like them more if there's a good reason for them to be so plain and colourless. - SemanSays
  • (this one is just funny) The five bars behind the logo stand for the Sens upcoming 5 year run of unparalleled success.
  • Does the 🔥🔥🔥 refer to where you plan on placing these jerseys? - IslesRW
  • That looks like something a really encouraging mom of a band kid would wear to their child's performances.

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