Terry Sawchuk Biopic GOALIE [Trailer]

terry sawchuk film

The life of a professional hockey player was not always a glamorous one. For legendary goaltender Terry Sawchuk, each save means one more gash to his unmasked face and one more drink to numb the pain. Even with a wife and seven children at home, he is haunted by the void left from his childhood which he tried to fill with cheering crowds.

Goalie stars Mark O’Brien as the Winnipeg-born hockey great Terry Sawchuk and Kevin Pollak as general manager Jack Adams while O’Brien’s real-life wife, Georgina Reilly, plays Sawchuk’s wife, Pat.

Producers say the film follows Sawchuk from his youth in Winnipeg to Detroit, Boston, Toronto, Los Angeles, and New York between 1950 and 1970. That includes his 103 shutouts, the 400 stitches to his face, and tragic death at age 40 in 1970.

Director Adriana Maggs co-wrote the screenplay with sister Jane Maggs. It’s based on the David Dupuis book 'Sawchuk: The Troubles and Triumphs of the World’s Greatest Goalie.'

Goalie hits theaters select theaters on February 7th, 2020 and streaming platforms 25th.

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