Pounding On Glass Will Make Your Team Win Study Finds

hockey fans pounding glass

A Stanford University professor whose research helped underpin the effects of chanting goalie's names during playoff games has released a new study that shows the effects of Homers pounding on the glass during game play.

Professor Leon Frieze of Stanford analyzed over 6,969 hockey games and found that in 70% of games where Homers pounded really hard on the glass, and shouted unintelligible shit to the players, that the observed home team won the game in question. Notably, the analysis reveals that the percentage  remains true even when researchers controlled for factors such as bored-daughter-forced-to-go-to-game and not really a fan guy who received free tickets to event.

"It's quite astonishing" said Professor Frieze. "I had no idea that pounding on the glass could give one's team such an advantage." He added "not only does it give the home team an amazing advantage, but it also makes the person pounding on the glass increase in coolness by a factor of 10."

The studies coauthor and Associate Professor Ulf Skaterson said he hopes the data raises awareness of how important it is being a Homer in young adults.

“I don’t think we’ve scratched the surface yet, this data won’t be a surprise to anyone who is attending hockey games across the USA and Canada, but I hope it sheds some light on the reasons why fans stand and pound on the glass while guys battle for the puck in the corner.”

The study was published Wednesday in a journal associated with the World Hockey Homer Association.

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