Nashville vs Dallas Is No Winter Classic

nashville dallas winter classic

The Winter Classic a tradition that started in 2008 by the NHL to squeeze even more money out of hard working fans by offering a return to the sports roots; outdoor gameplay. Of course I jest, because no hardworking fan can afford tickets to these events. No, the people who attend these games are fans in name only. They aren't going for love of the game, they are going for "the atmospheric experience" that the organizer provides. And never will there be a better example of this than January 1st, 2020 when the Nashville Predators battle the Dallas Stars at the Cotton Bowl.

Most fans argument for this joke of a game will say "this is how you grow the sport" and to that I reply "no it is not, you moron." If showing two terrible teams battling in a large stadium on NBC was how you grew a sport, then the Superbowl would be played by the Raiders and Browns every year. You grow a sport at the youth level by making it cheap and accessible. No child is going into this game as his first hockey experience and coming out saying "yep I was on the fence, but that Nashville vs Dallas game has really got me hooked."

The next argument is that "every team deserves a turn." Well, no they don't because just like life sometimes shit ain't fair. I'm well aware that Texas is home to a ton of hockey fans and they, most likely, would enjoy the event, but Dallas sucks. It's not the fans' fault, it's the organization and you should hold them accountable.

An argument could have been made a few years ago for Nashville when they had a cup contending team, now not so much. They are a team with a few decent players but have gone bust since the cup run in 2017.

The Winter Classic should be a showcase of the best this sport has to offer. It should be the one event where hockey and non-hockey fans can come together and see the coolest game on Earth play out on a national stage. Instead all the Winter Classic does is make bank for the organizers and owners. It doesn't get genuine fans in the door to watch the game in its purest form and, if the trend of everyone gets a turn continues, it will only succeed in turning current fans off altogether.

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