Letterkenny Season 7 & 8 Hit Hulu [Trailer]

letterkenny wayne squirrely dan

Letterkenny Season 7 has a premiere date and it looks like Christmas has come early. The 7th season will air on October 14, 2019 marking its first run as a Hulu original. In Canada it will still air on Crave and the date for that will be October 11th.

Letterkenny is giving us the gift of an 8th season this Christmas and it looks like emotions are going to boil over.

Along with the announcement of an early season 8  was a trailer that shows the entire Letterkenny gang partying it up for “Day Beer Day,” presumably an event where everyone drinks beer during the day, only to be interrupted by Wayne. We don’t see Wayne’s face, but everyone else certainly does and it stops the party.

Shoresy appears in the trailer also and is seen absolutely losing it at the end, slashing another player hard enough to break his stick then jumping on him.

Season eight will air Dec. 27 on Hulu and Dec. 25 on Crave.

Letterkenny is a Canadian comedy television sitcom created by Jared Keeso and Jacob Tierney. The television show focuses on sibling pair of Wayne (played by Jared Keeso) and Katy (played by Michelle Mylett) who run a farm and produce stand in a small rural Canadian community called Letterkenny.

After originally starting off as a web series, Letterkenny has expanded its cast to include Wayne's cronies Daryl and "Squirrely" Dan, members of the local First Nation also known as 'the natives,' the farmers (the hicks), the town's minister, the local drug addicts (the skids), and the local hockey players Reilly and Jonesy.

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