Ahockalypse Is The Hockey Zombie Movie We Needed [Review]

hockey zombie movie

In Ahockalypse the greatest sport ever gets mashed with the greatest horror sub-genre and creates one of the funniest indie sports/horror/comedies the world has ever seen. Well, it is the only sports/horror/comedy that exists so by default it's the funniest.

Ahockalypse follows Jonsey, BJ and Wave as they celebrate their team, The Prairie Kings, winning the league championship only to have the party cut short as zombies begin to invade the town. Accompanied on their journey of hilarity and mayhem is Jenny, Jonsey's girlfriend, a Random girl and Mrs. Johnson, the hot house mom who has a thing for Jonsey.

The movie makes references to many a movies in spectacular spoof fashion with call backs from Home Alone to Mad Max: Fury Road. Everyone involved knows they are going for laughs and they play the scenes accordingly. Nothing here is overly dramatic, it's more inline with Special Dead, than say, Night of the Living Dead.

The kills are decent but have to fallback on a lot of CGI due to budget constraints. However, the final kill does go full on practical and the payoff is worth the wait.

To be fair.... The movie does a lot with the limited resources it has and makes good use of its locations. It's a movie that sets out to make you laugh and if a Mascot doing karate on zombies with two girl sidekicks doesn't make you chuckle then I don't know what will.

Ahockalypse is the hockey zombie movie that we didn't know we needed but are thankful that it now exists.

Rating: 7/10 Stars

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